About Us

The Zadko Telescope is a fully robotized one-metre telescope funded by a generous donation from James Zadko to UWA. It is located in the shire of Gingin, Western Australia.

The telescope has opened a new window to the “transient universe” – a universe that is filled with fleeting flashes of light originating from the most exotic phenomena in the cosmos.

The Team

Assoc/Prof David Coward

Observatory Director

In 2010 Coward was awarded an ARC Future Fellowship to expand his role in building niche research projects using the Zadko facility. Outputs during this time included attracting W.A. Government funds to finance and build a new robotic observatory. New research extended to international projects involving collaborations with other major facilities including the Antares neutrino detector, the Parkes Radio Telescope, CNES (French space agency) and the European Space Agency. Specific project examples include coordinated radio and optical searches for fast radio bursts, joint searches for neutrino and optical transients and asteroid shape reconstruction to name a few.

Mr John Moore

Site Manager

Dr Bruce Gendre

Resident Astronomer

Dr. Gendre is working on the topic of progenitors of gamma-ray bursts and other transient sources. He has 20 years of experience in the field of transient astronomy, and is in charge of the IT infrastructure of the observatory, the instruments and the scientific operations.

Dr Fiona Panther


Ms Eloise Moore

Observatory Technician